Будимир в новом доме в Голландии / Budimir's first pictures in his new home Cattery Havvanur, the Netherlands

Lada Kedi Budimir 5 m.o.
Lada Kedi Budimir 5 m.o.

Lada Kedi Budimir, AEW son of Prince and Dilara,  is now in his new loving home - Cattery Havvanur, owner Marianne Hoogendoorn , Maarsen, Netherlands, co-owned with Mark and Wendy van Zutphen, cattery Kedi Sahane,  Deventer, Overijssel, Netherlands.


Thank you very much, my dear friend Marianne, for your care of my boy and your hospitality to Sofya! 

Hope Budimir will be good enough to bring a lot of joy and hapiness to your home!

Thank you for this beautiful pictures of Budimir!


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