CFA Onix show Moscow, January 29-30. Еще немного грандпойнтов для Фирузы!

Andreas Moebius' ring, CFA,  Onix, Jan.30, 2011
Andreas Moebius' ring, CFA, Onix, Jan.30, 2011

Last weekend my darling Firuza (CH CFA Antalya'Perl Firuza of Lada Kedi) earned the Third Best Longhair Champion at the CFA show Onix in Moscow, and  6 times she was the Best of Breed and the Best Champion of the Breed.

Great thanks to Mr. Dieter Meister, AB judge from Germany, who took her to Championship.  Thanks God and Dieter - Firuza has 7 CFA finals in 4 CFA shows since September, 2010.

Prince was the Best of the Breed and the Best Champion twice, and he still can't repeat the success of his first CFA show at September, 2010. It was his first CFA show, and in open class he was the 6-th best cat at the Liz Watson's ring. So he has only 1 final in 2 CFA shows:((( but he actually was a gentleman and carried the lady first:)))

Thank you very much, dear Anne Marie Bernel, for my sweet darling Firuza - the cutest TA that I've ever seen, and beautiful example of the wonderful Turkish Angora breed!

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