Antalya'Perl Gurg Geray come home from France with his mother Lada Kedi Aquamarine

Antalya'Perl Gurg Geray of Geraylar - first days home, May 2011
Antalya'Perl Gurg Geray of Geraylar - first days home, May 2011

Turkish Angora kitten Antalya'Perl Gurg Geray is born at January, 25, 2011, in Conflans ste Honorine, France, and he is descendant of many famous cats, both in Russia and Europe-USA.

His pedigree combines 75% Antalya'Perl lines + 25% Russian lines, including 4 WCF World Champions, FIFe Euro and Supreme Champions, few Turkish Import cats - CH Hakan from Istanbul ZOO and ancestors of old European lines Ankara's Inchi and Amir Han.

It is very sad, he and his littermates, turkish angora kittens of Aiko De Djiakara and Lada Kedi Aquamarine, they are the last litter, bred by famous French Turkish Angora breeder Anne Marie Bernel.

Gurg Geray raised by Jean Bernel till his departure to Moscow,  and despite of all this tragedy  he is very stable, affectionate kitten, who turns  brave young male with good show temperament and sweet personality.

I should write here how grateful I am to Anne Marie and Jean Bernel for this boy... I still write her name with tears... so the best thanks, I believe, will be his show carreer and good breeding to continue Antalya'Perl  beautiful lines of Turkish Angora cats.

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