My new cattery Geraylar is registered and produced the first litter / Зарегистрирован первый помет моего нового питомника Герайлар

Geraylar A Litter 5,5 wks
Geraylar A Litter 5,5 wks

Well, friends, finally I'd registered new cattery name Geraylar, owned by me and my daughter Sofya Linkova.

Geraylar (Arab: كرایلر‎ , "The Girays") are the Crimean Tatar   Genghisid dynasty, which reigned in the Khanate of Crimea from its formation in 1427 until its downfall in 1783, and lived in Crimea, now Ukraine, former Russian Empire, earlier Turkish Ottoman Empire; the Girays were regarded as the second family of the Ottoman Empire after the House of Ottoman.

This way I would like to honor the memory of my grandfather Mikhail Kapliev, Crimean Tatar descendant and the brave tank commander, who didn't returned from the World War II.


So former "Lada Kedi Litter D" become the first litter of my new cattery Geraylar, and kittens names are to be Geraylar A...

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