TICA show PURR-PURR, Ekaterinburg, 01-02/10/2011 - Результаты выставки ТИКА в Екатеринбурге

Last weekend in Ekaterinburg, Russia we had 2 kittens in competition and 2 adult males with 13 finals total:
Ladakedi Carte Blanche  (kitten) made 3 finals (3LH, 4 AB and 6 AB)
Phoenix Bely Lotos (kitten) made 2 finals (5LH and 6AB)
adult TA males have made 8 finals together,
Geraylar Gurg Geray made 4 finals (9LH, 5 LH, 10 AB, 9 AB).
Akkedi Parviz made 4 finals - 5LH, 7LH, 8 LH and 10 LH finals.


Congratulations to Veronika Sidorenko, Olga Guseva and Galina Kalinina!

Congratulations to Jean Bernel, breeder of Antalya'Perl Gurg Geray (CFA reg.), and I'm happy to devote this finals, as all others, to blessed memory of Anne Marie Bernel - Gurg is a kitten of the last litter she had bred and he is TICA Double Grand Champion after the show.


Great thanks to my dear daughter Sofya Linkova, who handled Geraylar Gurg Geray to Ekaterinburg and worked as a clerk after sleepless night! God bless you, my sweet darling!


Thank you very much, Monika Dani and Robin Higgins, for taking my kitten and cat in finals!



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