Professional pictures of CH Da-Katz Mirror Image of Geraylar

CH Da-Katz Mirror Image of Geraylar, 8 months old, Moscow
CH Da-Katz Mirror Image of Geraylar, 8 months old, Moscow

Today is remarcable day for me and my cattery! First in my show life in CFA my cat made 4 finals and earned 132 grandpoints at her first CFA show as adult cat!


And so she's now a Champion Da-KatzMirror Image of Geraylar!


Beautiful daughter of Azima's Sterling Splendor and Azima's Burning Ember, bred by Patricia Risley, my beautiful and dearest baby Da-Katz Mirror Image of Geraylar, aka Roza, earned CH title and 132 grandpoints in 4 finals in CFA show Moscow, March 3-4.
CONGRATULATIONS!!! Dear Trish, dear Sue Ann, Ken Archer - thank you so much for letting me own and love the amazing, gorgeous, wonderful, beautiful - I have no so much English words - best cat in all aspects! Congratulations to all fanciers of Azima's cats!
All USA experts on the show made especial marks regarding her excellent show quality and sweetest temperament! Thanks a lot dear experts David Mare, John Webster, Robert Zenda, Pam Delabar and Kenny Curle, I'm so touched with your compliments and happy to sent it to Patricia, Sue Ann, Ken and Barb's blessed memory!


So here are some of her professional pictures made by Michail Filatov  - great thanks for very nice photos!

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