Litter B - SGC TICA Angelicat Prince of Lada Kedi, JW FIFe and CH CFA&TICA Antalya'Perl Dilara of Lada Kedi

This litter was expected with great hope... Prince's first babies, and the first my color kitten.

Their pedigree shows a lot of good properties, let's look what will be expressed!

All three kittens of Litter B are males, one boy is red smoke, two others are AEW male with black cup and BEW  male with blue cup (will possibly stay).


I'll place their pictures consequently, alltogether. If you may be interested, please feel free to ask!


For today we have not free kittens in the cattery of Litter B.


Amber-eyed white male kitten Budimir - Pedigree, sold to Marianne Hoogendoorn and Mark+Wendy van Zutphen, Netherlands, makes his show carreer successfully!


Blue-eyed white male kitten Berendey - Pedigree, sold


Red-smoke male kitten Bogatyr - Pedigree, sold


Котята помета Б проданы.

Фото  котят смотрите в галерее ниже и на Фейсбуке

 Будимир - белый, желтоглазый, продан в Нидерланды и успешно делает выставочную карьеру - см. его страничку;

 Богатырь - красный дым, продан;

 Берендей - белый, голубоглазый, продан.


Если Вас интересуют котята будущих пометов, пожалуйста, напишите мне или позвoните, буду рада знакомству!